Web front end

We deliver websites and applications that are:

  • Great looking on a wide range of devices and web browsers
  • Fast to load and responsive to your users
  • Optimised to work across multiple device sizes and input types
  • Accessible and friendly for your users
  • Built with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind

Delivering quality front end builds

How do we achieve all of this?

  1. We spend time on the up-front design of the structure and semantics of the websites we produce. This ensures they adhere to best practices and well-established design patterns.
  2. We validate our sites using a variety of tools - such as Lighthouse, Wave and schema.org - to make sure we really do conform to the standards we set ourselves.
  3. We employ single page web applications where appropriate that use the latest stable versions of client-side frameworks such as Angular, React and Redux. This allows us to produce really snappy user interfaces that leverage the best that the web front end community has to offer.
  4. We test our sites thoroughly on a wide range of devices and browsers - using BrowserStack amongst other tools - and unit test our client-side code extensively to prove it's robustness.

Web APIs

Behind most web and mobile apps there is a HTTP-based API providing access to the data stored outside the UI and enforcing business rules.

We design these web APIs to maximise value for your business. To do this we ensure the following:

  • The API is secure by design - there is no point in having a bullet proof UI when someone could use the API directly to do something they shouldn't
  • Versioning is built in and not an afterthought - we know things will change in your business and you will need your API to respond to change without breaking everything that uses it
  • Latest proven frameworks are used - ensuring you have maximum flexibility of how you deploy, whether it be cloud or on premise

Delivering the right Web APIs

How do we deliver the right functionality that we know works as required?

  • We look at the data access patterns needed for the application and document a design that allows the UI to be built in parallel to the API
  • We ensure the database is tuned inline with the way the UI needs to access data; so performance is part of the design
  • We use test driven development to ensure that all code built has provable, repeatable tests, verifying the functionality is correct. We create end-to-end tests for the API using tools such as Postman
  • The API developers work in the same team as the UI developers ensuring that the communication, vital to seamless interaction, is always there


We deliver content managed websites, using Umbraco CMS, placing you in control of the content.   

An easy way to turn visitors into brand advocates is to give them a reason to come back to your site - and to keep coming back. Offering new content on a regular basis, and highlighting your greatest hits, will foster repeat engagement.  A well structured CMS enables you to update your site with the least amount of friction, keeping your site fresh and interesting.

Deploying and maintaining an Umbraco CMS has now become even easier with Umbraco Cloud.  Contact us today to find out about competitive Umbraco cloud packages.

Web security

Security is always at the heart of all the solutions we build.

Scott Brady heads up our dedicated security team, who rigorously scrutinise our solutions, to make sure our application developers are always up to date on the latest security practices. We make sure that security concerns are part of the design process and not an afterthought.  We are industry experts in OpenID Connect and OAuth the core protocols used to protect websites.

We are the sole commercial support partner for IdentityServer, the leading open source OAuth, OpenID Connect Single Sign-on solution.  Visit IdentityServer.com to discover all of our products and services targeting IdentityServer.

What makes us different?

  • Delivering innovative solutions blending multiple technologies
  • Developing solutions since 2009
  • Industry experts in security and content-managed applications
  • Strong software craftsmanship
  • Agile - over 50% of our team are certified Scrum Masters

Delivering integrated solutions across platform boundaries.

We have expertise across a wide range of technologies, allowing us to blend the perfect solution for you.

We can deliver a solution that targets both web and mobile putting you, the customer, in control of the delivered content.