Deep technical Instructor-led training

Rock Solid Knowledge provide high-end in-depth developer training for a range of software platforms, including .NET, Modern Web Development, Java and Python. Our trainers have taught at most of the Fortune 100 companies, including Microsoft. Our key differentiator is that we are able to get to the heart of any technology to really show how it works, through live demonstrations and great communication skills. We expect a lot from our students, but the final result after an in-depth course is that come away with a solid understanding of the subject.

  • Student-led discussions
  • Explore alternative solutions with the instructor
  • Interactive, live coding - no clipboard demos!
  • Delivered at the correct pace for effective learning
  • Question and answers targeted at your domain


Solid Async Programming takes you through the core skills required to be successful developing async and multithreaded code both in the .NET and web worlds. Not only do we cover the core APIs but also how they are used effectively, tested and debugged.

This course was written by Andrew Clymer and Richard Blewett authors of the highly regarded Asynchronous Programming in .NET book by Apress.

Solid Patterns

This course will introduce delegates to the wonderful world of Object Orientated Design Patterns. Once understood design patterns allow the leveraging of proven solutions to common re-occurring problems. Probably the most important aspect to design patterns is that it provides a common vocabulary to describe a system. No longer will teams of developers need to discuss lines of code but instead describe the system as a series of patterns, leading to accurate and efficient communication. As part of this process delegates will obtain key insights in how to design good object orientated systems. The original Gang of Four Design Patterns were documented prior to .NET, in this course the implementation of these patterns is bought up to date using the latest versions of C# and the .NET framework.

Solid .NET

Java and C++ developers usually have little problem learning the syntax of C# or VB.NET. However, developing robust .NET applications requires more than just code. Solid .NET will teach you to think like a .NET developer by showing you how modern applications are assembled and how the various pieces mentioned about work together to form a cohesive environment. The course begins with a thorough exploration of the “managed code” model – from “source code in Notepad” all the way through “CPU instructions executing on a CPU”. We'll then take you through the platform and major libraries. Long the way you’ll learn common idioms like:

how to handle memory management issues and the “IDisposable” design pattern
how to use C# functional idioms and LINQ to write compact, powerful, expressive, fluent code
how to work with designers and tools to manage XAML, Code Behind, and Partial classes
how to use Configuration Files to tweak application settings after deployment
You’ll take a look at the major class libraries, including the collection classes, LINQ, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, Parallel Framework Extensions, ASP.NET WebAPI and XAML based UI.