Here at Rock Solid Knowledge we strive to design and develop software that provides an incomparable customer experience.

We conduct every aspect of our business with our Core Values at the centre. We seek to champion the preservation of the Earth's natural habitats and advocate for the human rights of everyone, but especially historically marginalized communities.

Core values

  • Equality and inclusivity
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • A commitment to customers and personnel alike.

Motherboard (Equality and inclusivity)

We are proud to be a signature of the Motherboard charter. The charters objectives are

  • Improve gender balance within technology and data teams throughout the UK. 
  • Champion part-time and flexible working across all levels of seniority, enabling the advancement of women’s careers in technology and data-led roles.
  • Increase the % of working mothers holding leadership or board level positions.
  • Close the gender pay gap. 
  • Educate organisations on how they can support mothers throughout their careers.
  • Improve maternity and return to work policies.

We are now part of a collective of businesses that have committed to progress this cause. By signing up as a signatory, Rock Solid Knowledge will demonstrate its commitment to improving gender equality and inclusivity for all mums working within the technology and data sectors