Here at Rock Solid Knowledge (RSK), with our continued approach to bettering our environment, making a social impact and supporting our remote first employees, we decided to reduce our office space from 4000 square feet to 2000 square feet.
As part of the downsizing, we reached out to an organisation called Olympus Trust. This local Winterbourne trust specialises in supporting staff and students of over 16 schools in the local Bristol area.

The Decision to Downsize

In the post-COVID hybrid working world, RSK changed its office model by enabling employees to become remote first, with options for two days a week hybrid working. With this change, we didn’t need a large space but still wanted a collaborative space.
By halving our office space, we could create a more organic creative workspace for the two days a week employees came into the office.
As a B Corp organisation, we are always looking at methods to reduce our carbon emissions; one way we could tackle this is by renting a smaller space.

Some of our initial challenges when it came to downsizing were:

  • How do we remove our office furniture without it going to landfill?
  • Can we benefit another organisation or person by donating our excess equipment?

Transforming Excess Office Assets

We donated the following items to the Olympus Trust:

  • 10 large desks with drawers
  • 1 leather sofa
  • 1 big lockable cabinet
  • 1 fridge
  • 1 dishwasher
  • 3 whiteboards
  • 2 conference tables
  • 8 conference chairs
  • 8 dining chairs.

By teaming up with Olympus Trust, we're not just downsizing, but also making a positive impact in Bristol. Donating our excess office equipment directly helps local schools and staff.

“Rock Solid Knowledge's generous donation of sofas, desks, washing machines and whiteboards greatly supports our collection of schools with new furnishings to facilitate and improve the environment for both children and staff” – David Sanders, Facilities Manager, Olympus Trust

Conference Table
Conference table and chairs for Governers meetings
One of our Desks used in Teachers Office
Donated Desk used in a School Office
Sofa used in Sixth Form common Room
Sofa used in Sixth Form common room
Office Desks
More Desk Space provided

It's about being environmentally responsible and supporting community growth. As we grow, we're keen on backing local initiatives and encouraging others to think about how their business choices can benefit the communities they're part of.

If you are looking to downsize your office space and donate your excess furniture, I couldn’t recommend Olympus Trust enough. Its great to support our local schools.

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