In a display of social responsibility, here at Rock Solid Knowledge, we have recently made a small contribution with the assistance of SOS Property by donating four laptops to a local Bristol hotel.

This gesture aims to support refugees in gaining access to educational resources, immigration services and enabling families to stay connected with their loved ones allowing families to rebuild their lives in a new environment.

(Picture above of our director Rich donating the laptops)

SOS Property is an organisation dedicated to aiding refugees and has identified technology's crucial role in the lives of those seeking refuge. If you or your business has unused laptops please reach out to them and support your local community.

This donation goes beyond providing devices; it is an investment in the children who have been forced to flee their homes and enables them to continue their education, as the majority of modern homework is online, with the hope that this small donation and future donations will give refugees given access to these devices more opportunities to succeed in a foreign environment.

                                                                                                                                                                   (Picture above of kids using the donated laptops)

Hopefully, our donation enables families to have easier and more accessible access to immigration services. More importantly, these laptops play a vital role in facilitating communication between refugees and their families - where staying connected is more critical than ever. Technology acts as a bridge, allowing families to reach out to their loved ones regardless of geographical location.

The collaboration between Rock Solid Knowledge and SOS Property exemplifies the positive impact that businesses can have on their communities. By extending a helping hand to those in need, we at Rock Solid Knowledge want to continue to demonstrate a commitment to making a meaningful difference beyond the realm of its core business. You can read more about our core values on our BCorp Values page.

We are grateful that our surplus machines can provide a positive impact on the wider community and do not end up in landfills; we hope to be able to donate more machines in January.

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