Many of us have seen the rise in mobile use, it now seems strange that you would be without a smart phone and also not to use it to order products and help keep our lives in order.

This great article by Eva Short, "Here's why you need to prioritise mobile app development this year", highlights some of the revenue wins helping business achieve their 2018 profit aim, and why many business are looking to mobile application as a way to advance their business.

In the article Eva states the rise of Kotlin and Swift for development however she has missed the other big player in this development market which is Xamarin, a tool set which allows developers to achieve Apple and Android applications using one code base and one set of tools, while still achieving the same native applications as available to the Kotlin and Swift developer.

At Rock Solid Knowledge we have the expertise and experience to help your business make the leap to the mobile application market, and for existing applications, we can advise how to take it to the next step.

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