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Our specialities

We are Umbraco Gold Partners and Xamarin Consulting Partners, delivering securecontent management for the web and mobile.

What makes us different?

  • Helping you since 2009
  • Innovative solutions across many technologies
  • Industry experts in secure, content management with Umbraco CMS
  • Strong software development + quality
  • Agile Certified ScrumMasters

Delivering integrated websites and mobile applications across platform boundaries.

We have expertise across a wide range of technologies, allowing us to blend the perfect solution for you.

We can deliver a solution that targets both web and mobile putting you, the customer, in control of the delivered content.

What's new?

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Moving out, changing jobs, and COVID-19

Ever wondered what it's like moving out of your parent's house and making your first career job change all while navigating the murky waters of a global pandemic? Well, wonder no more because this article has you covered.

Posted: Fri, 17 Sep 2021

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Do you need to be a techie to be a software developer?

I'm an Asian girl in tech and I've never been particularly tech-savvy. I don't play video games or code in my spare time. Neither do I wear the classic t-shirt and hoodie combo. Can you have a successful career in tech if you are like me and don’t fit into the stereotypical profile of a software developer?

Posted: Wed, 01 Sep 2021

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Our journey to B Corp

B Corp is a certification that holds companies to the highest standard and proves that you are an ethical and sustainable company to work for. This post is here to give you an insight into the process. Spoiler: it's been so much fun.

Posted: Wed, 11 Aug 2021

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Our products

We build products using Umbraco, IdentityServer, and artificial intelligence (AI), helping you to manage your content, secure your applications, and improve your customer satisfaction.



Improve your customer service by understanding what makes your customers happy with our Zendesk app:


  • Observe the happiness of your customers over time
  • See a dashboard view of the sentiment of recent tickets
Find out more about AimHappy


The essential app that brings together all of your commitments in one place:


  • Make the best use of your time during your busy day
  • Your team manages your meetings, to-dos, calls, emails and documents
Find out more about BriefingLine


Official security products, components and services for IdentityServer:


  • European Support Partner to
  • Official IdentityServer products and services
Find out more about IdentityServer