If you are passionate about designing and developing state of the art single sign-on solutions using the latest security practices, Rock Solid Knowledge wants to hear from you!

Rock Solid Knowledge is the official European commercial partner for IdentityServer, providing consultancy and bespoke development for IdentityServer.  We are currently looking for individuals who want to dig deep into security protocols and practices.  You will be working alongside our Identity team to:

  • Design and implement security systems for our clients
  • To evolve and develop our line of off the shelf security products.

Requirements for Application Security Developer / Consultant

Candidates require at least the following 

  • Solid C# development skills
  • An understanding of Web Security
  • Knowledge of ASP.NET Core security libraries
  • Be able to communicate complex security concepts to customers

The ideal candidate will be able to 

  • Explain OAuth 2.0 to a developer
  • Explain the recommended OAuth/OIDC flow for common application types (SPA, Web App, Mobile , API Gateway)

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Perks & benefits

Join our team of expert developers and you can enjoy the following perks and benefits:

  • Flexible hours
  • Early Friday finish
  • Competitive salaries
  • Select your own keyboard & devices
  • Pension scheme
  • Home office budget
  • Cycle-to-work scheme

Single sign-on

We can develop a single sign-on solution that fits into your enterprise and integrates with your existing ecosystem.

As the sole, commercial support partner for IdentityServer, the leading .NET open source OpenID Connect and OAuth framework. We spend a great deal of our time advising large enterprises how best to secure their web and mobile applications. We can build you a bespoke single sign-on solution that fits your specific identity needs.

Security products

We have developed a range of products to augment the OpenSource functionality of IdentityServer.

Building on the solid foundations of IdentityServer, we have developed a range of products that enable you to integrate and manage your own IdentityServer solution.

  • AdminUI - An administration tool to manage IdentityServer and user configuration
  • SAML2P - Add SAML support to IdentityServer
  • WS-FED - Add WS federation support to IdentityServer



Security is always at the heart of all the solutions we build.

Our dedicated security team, who rigorously scrutinise our solutions to make sure our application developers are always up to date on the latest security practices. We make sure that security concerns are part of the design process and not an afterthought.

Developers commonly focus on building functionality and may not spot subtle security issues in the code. Having a dedicated set of eyes purely looking from a security perspective ensures we catch any potential issues early.