From concept to working prototype in under 7 days


A client approached us needing a proof of concept of a new product running on a Chromebook and an iPad. The deadline was up and running in 7 working days ready for an investor pitch.

Getting Started

Not being fully familiar with either of the required technologies we quickly worked out what knowledge we needed to acquire.  We rapidly broke down the client's requirements,  identified the areas of risk and allocating them amongst the team to investigate.  After 8 hours we regrouped and collectively assessed all the risks and formulated a plan, and deemed the project a go.



Involving the client daily during stand-ups and ad-hoc discussions, we ensured that the project was on track to fit their brief.  Knowing we had such a tight delivery timeline meant keeping communication channels as efficient as possible.  With well-focused goals defined on an agile board, both ourselves and our client could see we were on track.



We completed two proof of concepts in the desired timeframe, the client was able to take them to potential investors and deliver a successful and compelling pitch.

In all, we created a functional, demoable product that ended up being a massive win for the client.  With an investor pitch scheduled for a given date, we had to meet the deadline. overrun was not an option, we set expectations and delivered.  

If you would like Rock Solid Knowledge to assist you in a development project, drop us a line.

Mobile development

Secure mobile application development, with an optional twist of content management.

We develop mobile applications for both iOS and Android, using technologies that allow us to build applications with the correct native look and feel for each platform, while allowing us to re-use a large amount of code. This keeps the cost of supporting both platforms very low.

Our dedicated security team are there to advise the mobile team on the latest security best practices, ensuring that your mobile data stays secure. 

Most mobile applications require a re-publish to the app store if things need to change. As a CMS specialist, we can build mobile applications with the content delivered from a CMS. This gives you control of the content without the continual need to re-publish to the app stores.

Web development

For nearly eight years we've been building single page web applications (SPA), well before the modern frameworks existed.

During this time we have worked with many of the emerging frameworks (such as Knockout, React, Redux and Angular) giving us a wealth of experience in how best to build SPAs.  

Successful SPAs require well-designed secure web APIs. Our APIs are designed with REST principles and are always reviewed by our head distributed systems architect, Richard Blewett.

Our APIs are protected using modern security protocols and are reviewed by our security team.